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1963 – 1969

1969 AA Boys
1969 A Boys

1968 AA Boys
1968 A Boys

1967 AA Boys
1967 A Boys

1966 AA Boys
1966 A Boys

1965 AA Boys
1965 A Boys

1964 AA Boys
1964 A Boys

1963 AA Boys
1963 A Boys

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  1. Larry Anderson

    I enjoyed looking at this site. Great job. One mistake, 1965 880 boys it says Dave Anderson got 2nd, it was Larry Anderson. Brother Dave was on the winning 880 relay team. I’ll pass this sight on. thanks—-Larry

    1. Joan

      Thank you. I’ve put a note at the top of that page with the correction.

  2. David Fairwell

    Leonard Momeny is recorded at Sultan High School for running the 110 M HH in 15.94. Is this a record?


    1. Joan

      It looks like a school record for Sultan, if that’s what that list is. It was not a state record. If you look at the State Meet Champions section, you will see the kinds of times that were being run during that decade. His 15.94 mark on your list is converted from a 15.7 hand time for comparison purposes.

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