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1974 A Boys


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  1. wiley

    Hi this is great state results finally all posted. Needed to confirm state places and school records for the NB Hyak Program. Awesome Job. Have some questions?

    1. When did “A’s” and/or later “B’s” meet places change from top 6th to 8th?

    2. What was scoring points for top 6 state places until top 8 placing change came on board?

    3. And if kids didn’t making top 6 & later top 8 places, is it possible to view the non-top 6/8 places for the state meets? If so who would I contact and where would I might have to go to view them?

    Again this info great… Our program has some school records/treasures hidden with in this info.

    1. Joan

      1. 1993
      2. 10-8-6-4-2-1
      3. No records kept at A and B meets prior to 1993 for 7th and 8th places.

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