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1980 – 1989

1989 AAA Boys
1989 AA Boys
1989 A Boys
1989 B Boys

1988 AAA Boys
1988 AA Boys
1988 A Boys
1988 B Boys

1987 AAA Boys
1987 AA Boys
1987 A Boys
1987 B Boys

1986 AAA Boys
1986 AA Boys
1986 A Boys
1986 B Boys

1985 AAA Boys
1985 AA Boys
1985 A Boys
1985 B Boys

1984 AAA Boys
1984 AA Boys
1984 A Boys
1984 B Boys

1983 AAA Boys
1983 AA Boys
1983 A Boys

1982 AAA Boys
1982 AA Boys
1982 A Boys

1981 AAA Boys
1981 AA Boys
1981 A Boys

1980 AAA Boys
1980 AA Boys
1980 A Boys

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  1. Jeff Norman

    Wa, state track & field results of boys A state finals in 1987.

    1. Joan

      Finally posted. Sorry it took so long.

  2. Ted Jones

    My father, Ted Jones (Garfield 1948) had the fastest time in the State that year at 14.5 for the 120 HH. How can I get some further info on this? I noticed that the times shown are for the State Finals and not for the best times. is that correct?
    Thanks, Ted

    1. Joan

      The times you are seeing on the State Meet Champions pages are for the winners at the state meet. They are not for the best time in the state that year. Congrats to you father, though!

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