Mar 28

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2014 Book Now Available

Send $20.00 to Shelton Thrower’s Club, 400 SE Sells Drive, Shelton, WA  98584 for the 2014 issue.  For past issues, see the list to the right for availability.2014 Book

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  1. Gilbert

    Is there any way that the state meet program for 1970 can be found and copied.
    My copy is lost.

  2. Doug Cooper

    I’m looking to see if the 14.3 time recoded for 1965 state champion 110m hurdler Allen Karlberg is a hand time or not. If it were converted and reported along side FAT times for comparison, then would it have a 4 in the hundredths place? Also newspapers didn’t report FAT times back in 1965 so that’s a give away right there. Could you please confirm this if you know. Thank you digit whatever you can tell me on this.

    1. Joan

      Yes, that’s a hand time. If it was converted for comparison purposes, it would be 14.54.

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