May 30

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All Time Records Updated

The all time records have been updated through the 2013 state meets.  I think we have caught all the corrections, but please let us know if you see something.

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  1. steve harlow

    Is there a state record for 180 low hurdles?

    1. Joan

      We have the state champions for the 180 low hurdles under the State Champions tab. I don’t think we have records for other meets however. To see the state champions, click on the State Champion tab, select hurdles and then scroll down through the 300 hurdles. You will see where the switch was made from the 180 to the 300.

  2. Micah Ohl

    Isaiah Brandt-Sims from Wenatchee still has the freshman 100m record with 10.72a. I left a link in the “website” category.

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